Commercial Doors

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Unparalleled efficiency, long-lasting reliability.

More efficiency, durability and performance, a few factors that define Hörmann’s range of industrial doors. From sectional doors to rolling shutters, from high-speed doors to loading technology, Hörmann’s range of industrial doors encompass diverse application areas. Designed and built for high performance scenarios, these doors are reliable and future oriented. These doors are made to deliver highest quality, with flexible customization options to suit the requirements of various industries. From cutting-edge design to installation, Hörmann is the one-stop-shop solution for industrial door needs.

Fire Rated Doors

Hörmann’s specialized Fire Doors are designed to compartmentalize and contain the spread of fire meeting the most stringent requirements of life safety in commercial and industrial establishments. Tested and certified to comply with highest Indian , British and American Standards they are available with fire rating for 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240 minutes. These doors not only complement the existing passive fire-fighting systems, but also ensure optimal personal safety.

Glazed Partitions and Fire Doors

Hörmann’s Glazed Partitions and Glazed Fire Doors are high on aesthetics and safety properties are recommended for application in building entrances, lift lobbies, server rooms, and corridors. Designed to restrict the spread of fire and smoke, they remain clear and transparent during the entire fire thereby allowing fire fighters clear options to rescue endangered lives .These doors not only protect the property and lives, but also add significant value to the visual aesthetic. They are highly flexible, allowing the Architects to create futuristic designs with natural lighting and viewing decks, without compromising on the safety and security. Tested and certified to comply with highest standard building codes across the world, these doors are factory-finished with polyurethane paint and offered in a wide range of finishes including, wood grain.

Scientific Doors

Hörmann presents a new standard of hygiene and functionality for clean room areas in commercial establishments. These scientific Doors are the ideal choice for Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Hospitals, Computer Server Rooms, R&D Labs, Semiconductor and Electronic Industries. Made from Galvanized and Stainless Steel, these flush doors are compact, stable and strong. Extremely low on maintenance, these doors are factory finished with a wide range of colors and specifications to meet various clean room requirements.

General Doors

Hörmann’s General Doors are the most preferred choice for numerous commercial and industrial establishments due to their advanced safety and security features. Ideal for office entrances, factories, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels and other application areas, these doors are low on maintenance and high on aesthetics. Manufactured with highest standards of quality parameters, these eco-friendly doors have developed a reputation for functionality and long-lasting durability. Factory-finished with polyurethane paint, these doors come in a wide range of finishes including, wood grain.

Louvred Doors

Hörmann’s range of Louvred Doors is highly recommended where there is a need for cross-ventilation. Applications mostly are in generator rooms, swimming pools, plant rooms, boiler rooms, electrical sub stations and other commercial areas. The Louvers are uniquely designed to restrict visual contact and comes flush with construction of the door endorsing security for high risk or vulnerable applications. We offer partial or fully louvred options according to your requirements.

Rail & Stile Doors

Hörmann’s range of Rail & Stile Doors are high on aesthetics and design flexibility to suit the requirements of any establishment. A single solution for the entire building, these doors are factory finished and prepped with reinforcements and hardware to maintain consistency across the entire premises. Ideal for application areas such as office entrances, internal doors, shop fronts and residential apartments, these doors offer more transparency due to usage of standard rails of 150 and 120 mm. Highly customizable with a choice of colors and finishes, including wood grain, these doors are finished coated in polyurethane paint.

Wood Grain (Grain Tech) Doors

Hörmann’s Wood Grain Doors (Grain Tech) are superior quality steel doors embossed with wood grain patterns to replicate the visual aesthetic that is normally found in timber and veneer surfaces. Combining the strength of steel with wood, these doors offer the perfect combination of strength and performance, and can be used in both fire and non-fire applications. Like all Hörmann products, these doors offer Architects the freedom to create futuristic interiors, without the disadvantages associated with wood. Low on maintenance, these doors are less prone to damage, are termite resistant, do not warp, twist, bow or crack and more importantly, they are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Moreover, they come with a wide choice of natural wood finishes catering to all kinds of aesthetic demands.

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